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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
BBC Wales NewsRT @WalesPolitics: 🇬🇮 Is the Rock in a hard place? Welsh expats tell @jamswilliams85 Gibraltar is right on the front line of the #Brexit '…
Business News WalesBusiness Confidence at a High Despite Tidal Lagoon Decision | @SwanseaBizClub https://t.co/RYF7MHjx13
Crooked MediaNew #KeepIt with special guest @TVietor08! The Oscars get desperate for viewers. Insatiable, Jack Whitehall, and Ruby Rose face social media backlash. Azealia Banks is trapped in Elon Musk’s home. Plus, the NFL, Teen Choice Awards, and a game! https://t.co/0fhvbWxTSf
Dai SportMartyrs Battle To Draw Against Fleetwood’s Supermarine https://t.co/KVrTdQUonT
BBC Wales NewsPoor IT systems is one of the causes, health inspectors say https://t.co/RJiyde6ebd
Crooked MediaNew #CrookedConversations! @brhodes talks with former Obama NSC spokesperson @MeehanBM about the diplomacy efforts that went into repairing the U.S. – Cuba relationship and why it was such a big deal when Obama visited. https://t.co/42R2hPlPpL
Guido FawkesRT @tomhfh: Imagine if a leave supporting minister surveyed their constituents asking if they want no deal. There would be outrage. https:/…
Dai SportRT @mattdragcimbom: @ianj930 @JPGwent @Dai_Sport_ Disappointed but hopefully hendre comes good this season with Ross and hibbard leading th…
Dai SportRT @ianj930: @JPGwent @Dai_Sport_ Suprised we didn't get a little help from the WRU on this one. It's needed badly after all.
Dai SportRT @man_of_gwent: @Dai_Sport_ No conspiracy theories from now on hopefully..... Sadly, until the financial situation improves we will alway…
Dai SportRT @Graham_Thomas: Former Swan Angel Rangel Joins QPR https://t.co/SNQ6Y4s6J2 via @Dai_Sport_
Dai SportFormer Swan Angel Rangel Joins QPR https://t.co/ke3bqDwuo2
BBC Wales NewsDavid Hayes was arrested in connection with child sex offences https://t.co/hmYeKjWLO5
BBC Wales NewsGot five GCSEs? Get a six-figure salary 💸 https://t.co/8ScFhgnaVb
Guido FawkesRT @EuroGuido: Entertaining the idea of a second referendum is clearly a major breach of government policy... https://t.co/3icQp8PGQq
Guido FawkesRemain Minister Asks Constituents If They Want Second Referendum https://t.co/GbHsmDMEop
Crooked MediaNew #PodSaveTheWorld! @TVietor08 talks with defense expert @KateCharlet from @CarnegieEndow about President Trump’s plan to create a Space Force. Is the proposal a great idea, or a just a huge waste of money? https://t.co/YT26lNcLQi
Business News WalesCompany Reputation More Important Than Ever When Attracting Talent | @IndeedUK https://t.co/tTwXr7tYtT
Cambria PublishingWorking class writers' festival planned for 2020 https://t.co/xmrjH0Us6G


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