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Monday, March 19, 2018
Dai SportDai SportRT @paulbeaton75: @sailor_bill @Graham_Thomas @Dai_Sport_ Sadly been like this for years, bring the old stadium back, in the ground 2 hours… 1 0
Dai SportDai SportAre you sitting in the royal box? https://t.co/6t57Jqrrsu 0 0
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales News🎟🎞🍿Cinema makes maths class an offer they can't refuse Full story: https://t.co/Uwg6NTRFVF https://t.co/hr4dglHIu3 3 7
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales NewsA child is rescued from a car in a river after a woman claims a vehicle had been stolen with her daughter, 3, in the back Full story: https://t.co/mh7vJ1ODsH Pictures via @Iglwy https://t.co/uRXVpsGPVC 4 4
Business News WalesBusiness News Wales#Cardiff Bus Rolls Out Contactless Payments Across Entire Network https://t.co/rJA06P4pQO 0 2
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales NewsHere's @DerekTheWeather's latest forecast as Wales has another @metoffice weather warning Full story: https://t.co/awzcsHJqeB https://t.co/w94wwcLRhr 2 10
Dai SportDai SportRT @RnRRugby: @thebarryhorns There is more of a problem with drink than ever. People need to be treated harshly in the first instance and i… 1 0
Dai SportDai SportRT @Cyfoes: @llinoslanini @wru @Dai_Sport_ Agree 100% beer and pies being spilt by drunks who didn’t even try to watch the game 1 0
Dai SportDai SportRT @sailor_bill: @Graham_Thomas @Dai_Sport_ There were numerous individuals around myself and a mate on Saturday who were more interested i… 2 0
Dai SportDai SportRT @thebarryhorns: The days are numbered for "Hijinks" #hijinksontherun https://t.co/Cji2aFRlX6 2 0
Dai SportDai SportRT @man_of_gwent: 4 drink limit per customer? Not in my experience of the game as I bought more than that to save me having to get up and d… 1 0



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