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Monday, May 21, 2018
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales News'I am very sad but seeing everybody coming together and helping us... I really can't believe it' https://t.co/IQHF1DG0O4 3 2
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales NewsHere's the weather with Rhiannon https://t.co/yYp4Nf9x3Q 2 4
Michael AvenattiMichael AvenattiThank you @Sulliview for a very balanced piece. When history is written there will be no doubt as to whether I contributed to and defended 1st Amend values. None. I will continue to contribute to and assist you and other professionals in what you do. It is vital to our nation. 2241 10267
Michael AvenattiMichael AvenattiRT @Sulliview: Stormy Daniels’s lawyer is a media star. So why is he threatening journalists? ... New from me https://t.co/csCJv1pP5M 299 0
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales NewsICYMI: Our #picoftheday was an amazing sunset over Rhyl looking towards the offshore windfarm, courtesy of Natalie Clements 📷 https://t.co/51Mg7eSuHp https://t.co/ouJSfcNefS 6 23
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales News. @swpolice attended at the scene following reports of a 'street fight' https://t.co/m286g9wuAD 2 2
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales NewsYou are made to feel less of a person, says Tafsila Khan https://t.co/WMNJh6vMyg 1 0
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales News'There's no amount of thanks to express how grateful I am' https://t.co/HGTRz6D6z5 Donations for family after fire guts home 3 3
Crooked MediaCrooked MediaRT @TVietor08: This is crossing a massive red line. Trump is forcing DOJ to conduct a politicized investigation - something he himself conc… 2033 0
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales News💠 Got 24 hours? Well you could make a diamond... https://t.co/vJaeqCJ4oJ 4 3




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