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Saturday, March 24, 2018
Arts Scene WalesArts Scene WalesRT @sandyswambo: Artistic Director, Kevin Lewis, is stepping down from his role at the Cardiff based theatre company after 27 years. He...… 1 0
Arts Scene WalesArts Scene WalesRT @JohnBal18642023: @ArtsSceneWales @TorchTheatre Well said!!, Carol and myself's sentiments echo with every word. Friday was so emotional… 0 0
Dai SportDai SportCaernarfon Hit Sweet 21 In Their Quest For Alliance Title https://t.co/a16agdGTn8 https://t.co/YoP3W98btH 0 0
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales News🚙🚚🚗🚙 Will Cardiff follow London? https://t.co/57mznQVxSB 4 1
Dai SportDai SportCardiff Devils Sent To Coventry In Last Eight https://t.co/gT2VnVc4q9 https://t.co/GXtipzHMkD 3 3
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales NewsA publican who murdered his Welsh girlfriend in a 'drunken, jealous rage' is jailed for life https://t.co/weIgepEfMC 2 1
The EyeThe EyeThe latest The EYE Investigates Daily! https://t.co/Cnq1U4cv0w #plaid18 0 0
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales NewsWould you know if someone was being exploited by criminals? https://t.co/7Nsd0q1Tgr 2 3
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales News⚠️ 🚄 Be warned as buses replace trains between Llandudno Junction and Chester this weekend https://t.co/7MiNhVPt8W 2 2
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales News🐝🐝🐝 Beekeepers everywhere are buzzing about this invention... https://t.co/LSHneZRxzS 2 3
Dai SportDai SportRT @daip5: @Dai_Sport_ @Cymroid Yeah they'll be on the move upto parc y zip world soon 1 0




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