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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Guido FawkesCorbyn: I Was There When The Wreaths Were Laid, That's Pretty Obvious https://t.co/OhPiE1mt52
BBC Wales News'Parents should be aware of possible dangers' https://t.co/CDEI9Izoi5
Business News WalesIntrobiz Expo 2018: Exactly 100 Days to Go | @introbiz https://t.co/2hYBqHK3FQ
Crooked MediaRT @PodSaveAmerica: "We thought we had a Republican party that was conservative with a nationalist fringe. What we have is a nationalist pa…
Guido FawkesCivil Service Headcount Still Rising in London https://t.co/Dy2O446r4A
Guido FawkesMystery of Van Following Westminster Attacker's Car https://t.co/LMbpWbTZ0A https://t.co/ZqHItXKrSV
Business News WalesComing to Life - Margam's Latest Exclusive Development | @LlanmoorHomes https://t.co/fFnqd58sag
Guido FawkesThere has been a concerted attempt to confuse this issue by cultists. https://t.co/Ow8jzd4Chf
BBC Wales NewsA woman was cut free from the wreckage https://t.co/u1s36Sc9Et
BBC Wales NewsJudgement time: Welsh justice system needs more volunteers, say experts https://t.co/LkULPfMlVy
Crooked MediaRT @PodSaveAmerica: .@jonfavs reacts to the DNC reversing the ban on corporate PAC money from fossil fuel companies: "The amount of people…
BBC Wales NewsWelcome to where, exactly? Mischief-makers leave villagers wondering where they live https://t.co/DedcZpfLpY
Business News WalesKPMG Opens Cardiff 2019 Graduate Programmes | @KPMG https://t.co/exavBkAbPi
Guido FawkesMoment of Parliament Car Crash https://t.co/m8ftidcQe0
Crooked MediaRT @ira: There’s an all-new #KeepIt this week, with our biggest fan —@TVietor08! @louisvirtel @KaraRBrown
BBC Wales News🎓 Guaranteed uni offers to students have risen by more than 2,000% in five years https://t.co/8L6Vw6Dk0n
Guido FawkesTwo Years After Leave Vote: Unemployment at Lowest Level For 40 Years https://t.co/1fNJjrzo2z
Crooked Media"It's worth remember how much better Facebook has been at removing boobs than election-altering bullshit." — @jonlovett Fox News defends Alex Jones on this week's OK Stop #lovettorleaveit https://t.co/BDpYxb0n4q https://t.co/y6VXwFzXDH


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