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Sunday, February 18, 2018
Donald J. TrumpDonald J. TrumpGeneral McMaster forgot to say that the results of the 2016 election were not impacted or changed by the Russians and that the only Collusion was between Russia and Crooked H, the DNC and the Dems. Remember the Dirty Dossier, Uranium, Speeches, Emails and the Podesta Company! 10225 32257
Donald J. TrumpDonald J. TrumpVery sad that the FBI missed all of the many signals sent out by the Florida school shooter. This is not acceptable. They are spending too much time trying to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign - there is no collusion. Get back to the basics and make us all proud! 14261 50871
Dai SportDai SportWelsh Winner Tesni Powers Into British Squash Final https://t.co/06txDFteVp https://t.co/QagoKgsb5c 1 0
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales NewsHis mum hopes sharing what happened to him will prompt families to talk about organ donation https://t.co/QwqC1HJVZZ 0 2
Donald J. TrumpDonald J. TrumpJust like they don’t want to solve the DACA problem, why didn’t the Democrats pass gun control legislation when they had both the House & Senate during the Obama Administration. Because they didn’t want to, and now they just talk! 21592 77898
Dai SportDai SportFinnerty Sets Storm Sights On Chasing Down Devils https://t.co/OtqVtgJioP https://t.co/cQQ5Mm4tXp 1 0
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales News'Trust me to be the only one who doesn't even notice an earthquake happening' - Did you miss the Swansea tremor too? https://t.co/GaXYM7cIKO 5 18
Dai SportDai SportWrexham Reds Struggle To FInd Killer Instinct https://t.co/tAhX7PRN64 https://t.co/cSt6LBYPNt 1 0
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales News🌕 Moonlit wonderland A little throwback from @stevelid to the supermoon at Whiteford Burrows woods on Gower for our pic of the day https://t.co/B4qiZ8DISk 4 20
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales News'I was paid 30% less than the man who held the post before me' https://t.co/IuVMzB3cdQ 0 0
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales News🐶📽️ Barking mad or just what you need after a ruff day? Dog furiendly screenings launch in Swansea. Find out more here: https://t.co/wFjDB7VtwJ https://t.co/uCPMoGVgDt 5 8

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International pianist and legendary Cymrophile Liberace created a stir this week by offering Swansea City a magnificent Stained Glass window for its indoor market....

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Reckless writing

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