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Saturday, November 25, 2017
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales NewsDoggy daytrip: Mat Hughes took this snap of his pet Smudge at South Stack on Anglesey for our #PicoftheDay https://t.co/gzOZEhaAtG 3 8
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales NewsPaul Ashton was only discovered when a visitor recognised him from a @CrimestoppersUK 'Most Wanted' list https://t.co/YL3mVD3XXh 1 0
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales News'We see a lot of stalking cases classed as harassment, or even dismissed entirely' says @TalkingStalking https://t.co/2Wl0qtWdiE 1 0
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales News🏉 It's game day! 😝 @WelshRugbyUnion v @AllBlacks 📍 @principalitysta ⏰ But get there early! #WALvNZL https://t.co/OdPFanoxl8 7 8
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales News🔑You probably won't need a mortgage for this terrace https://t.co/53mEkkqcYl 2 0
Donald J. TrumpDonald J. TrumpTime Magazine called to say that I was PROBABLY going to be named “Man (Person) of the Year,” like last year, but I would have to agree to an interview and a major photo shoot. I said probably is no good and took a pass. Thanks anyway! 27570 103016
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales NewsA dad who sexually abused his own children is still controlling them and his wife from prison ⚫️ He blocks the kids' holidays ⚫️ He tried to stop them changing their name Their anguish goes on and on https://t.co/4H4iIAvkT2 9 13
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales News'Carers have to have breaks' https://t.co/WE4a1DBjzT 6 2
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales News'One wonders if it is genuine or a result of being 'backed into a corner'' https://t.co/HiRRpiUc9Y 1 0
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales NewsA 'sophisticated criminal operation' uncovered by @swpolice https://t.co/F0gVGhCawd 1 1
BBC Wales NewsBBC Wales NewsAny distraction from being in hospital is welcome, says cystic fibrosis patient https://t.co/MNXUWNqZri 1 0


Wales Resist Jamie Roberts U-Turn And Go With Williams Pair To...

Wales have resisted the temptation to bring back Jamie Roberts to have a bash at the All Blacks on Saturday. Instead, coach Warren Gatland has...


Will we ever know why we are here?

Before the big bang, there was nothing. No time and no space. The big bang had nowhere to go so its expansion created space,...

Burning through money

Armed to lying teeth

Acting the part two


Burning through money

Councils investing in fossil fuel firms come under fire

Armed to lying teeth

Right round the bend

Historic battles


Dreaming The Night Field

How Brummie Stacey learned to love The Mabinogion and the Welsh language Question: What do you get if you mix magnetic Welsh storyteller Michael Harvey,...

Film Review – Mother