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Tuesday, September 25, 2018
Donald J. TrumpThe Democrats are working hard to destroy a wonderful man, and a man who has the potential to be one of our greatest Supreme Court Justices ever, with an array of False Accusations the likes of which have never been seen before!
Crooked MediaRT @PodSaveAmerica: Streaming tomorrow's Pod on Kavanaugh, Rosenstein, and the Nevada Senate race. Come watch: https://t.co/FjtDmqR71t http…
Crooked MediaRT @priaribi: WHAT. A. DAY. In tonight’s newsletter: New allegations against Kavanaugh, wtf is happening with Rod Rosenstein, and the Trump…
Guido FawkesRT @GuidoFawkes: Half-a-million views today for this #Lab18 speech by #SionRickard https://t.co/kia90j25lf
Guido FawkesRT @RuthLeaEcon: Shares are not "owned" by companies to give away. They are owned by shareholders, who invest their savings in the companie…
Donald J. TrumpIt was my great honor to welcome President @EmmanuelMacron of France to the United States, here in New York City, this evening! #UNGA
Crooked MediaRT @GinaOrtizJones: Thanks for the shout out, @PodSaveAmerica! Glad to have your endorsement as we work to #FlipThe23rd. Get involved with…
Crooked MediaRT @julissaarce: “Defining Us” is a four-part special series from @thecrookedmedia exploring Latinx identity, history, and culture. Hosted…
Crooked MediaRT @Stitcher: “If you’re not tapping into your deepest hopes, fears, longings, passions, commitments, and sense of what’s true, then no one…
Guido FawkesMomentum Encouraging Mass Unemployment https://t.co/oYDkbYiW1x
Donald J. TrumpIt was my great honor to welcome President @AlsisiOfficial of Egypt to the United States this afternoon, in New York City. Great meetings! #UNGA
Guido FawkesMcDonnell and Starmer at War Over Second Referendum https://t.co/jkd6zGHQOX
BBC Wales NewsLocals fear rotting bin bags will entice mice, seagulls and flies https://t.co/o6LVL0LI7c
Crooked Media"Whether or not we continue on the path to progress is going to depend on whether or not you vote." - @BarackObama #BeAVoter https://t.co/bDssdfF5u9 https://t.co/UmuchcYvHE
Guido FawkesSwore I just saw Comrade Lansman, clean shaven, sharp suited. #Lab18
Donald J. TrumpJoint Statement on the United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement: https://t.co/m0jW8nqdQW


Rank smell

CMU staff say it has nose dived

Not boxing clever

Card sharp

Invisible Welsh wizard’s spell

Names make news


Capital flight


Pistols at dawn

Edwin Phillips reads a Press Release to the mainstream media from controversial new Welsh independence party 'Ein Gwlad' (Our Country) after revelations on The Eye...

Jackanda Am Byth

Pressed into service


Van damn

The Hour has come


Greg Cunningham Says Bluebirds Must Have Premier Plans A, B, And...

Greg Cunningham believes Cardiff City must show more tactical flexibility if they are to survive in the Premier League. The Ireland defender made his league...


Invisible Welsh wizard’s spell

Lloyd George is not a hero to the Imperial War Museum

Invisible Welsh wizard

War games

Acting the part